About Us - helping you succeed

Our vision is to create the best learning environment in South Africa and our mission is to help you succeed in your studies.

Our Goal

We love teaching and we want to keep on teaching. Therefore our goal is to present classes professionally, explaining content accurately in an easy to understand manner in order to help students understand the work. We believe that if our classes help students succeed in their studies, word of mouth will spread and our business will keep on growing.

Where we started

The Extra Classes project was started by two post-graduate students in early 2011 when they spotted the need for concept orientated revision sessions at Stellenbosch University. The program has since grown to include more subjects, new facilitators – each skilled in their relevant course material and enthusiastic about teaching. Recently we have also started offering school extra classes.

University extra classes

We help undergraduates bridge the gap between school and university by offering weekly one-to-one extra classes as well as revision classes before tests and exams. We frequently see students that received a bit of help to bridge the gap excel in future years at university.

Extra Classes Stellenbosch is a private company, independent of Stellenbosch University. We supply academic help services that, according to feedback we have received in the past, is highly demanded and appreciated by students. Our services is offered to first year students at Stellenbosch University.

School extra classes

We expanded at the start of 2014 to also cater for scholars from grade 8 – 12 in mathematics, math literacy and economics. We already have many success stories! We aim to also present accounting by the middle of 2015.

Professional classes presented by well-qualified persons

We pride ourselves in using some of the best presenters available. Presenters must meet certain minimum standards before being allowed to teach in our organization.

For university classes, presenters must meet the following standards:

  1. Mastery of theoretical knowledge – tutors must have obtained 70% or above in each subject they present and must have finished a degree (preferably honours, masters or PhD). They must have finished the following year of the relevant course.
    E.g. to teach first year mathematics a presenter must hold a degree and have had mathematics up to their second year of study.
  2. Qualified & competent – tutors must have a relevant degree and must have sufficient tutoring / mentoring experience in the subject they present
  3. Enthusiasm & commitment
  4. Communication and teaching ability.
  5. Students should, in general, be satisfied with the quality of each and every class.

For school classes, presenters must meet the following standards:

  1. Hold a degree obtained from a recognised learning institution. The degree must be closely related to the subject presented
  2. Need to have sufficient teaching background in the subject they present and must be enthusiastic about teaching.
  3. Scholars should, in general, be satisfied with the quality of each and every class.

Student feedback is shared with presenters after every class. The idea is to use the feedback in order to improve the quality of classes and to find out what works and what does not work. This leads to the fifth and final minimum standard below.

Graad 12 Wiskunde Getuienis in Stellenbosch

My seun het laas jaar (2016) by ‘n tutor ekstra wiskunde klasse gehad.  Hy was ‘n uitstekende mentor.  Keeghan se punte vir die  eerste kwartaal was 19%.  Die tutor het hom in die tweede kwartaal begin ekstra klasse gee.  Sy punte vir tweede kwartaal was 40% en derde kwartaal 75%.  Hy het baie respek vir Conrad,  Die skool het einde 2015 vir ons ‘n brief gestuur om te se dat Keeghan wiskunde moet los, want hy gaan dit nie maak nie.  Na die eerste kwartaal se rapport in 2016 het ons weer ‘n brief gekry om te se dat hy Wiskunde moet los.  My seun het niks van wiskunde gehou nie, maar nadat die tutor vir hom ekstra klasse gegee het geniet hy wiskunde.

Karien Zahrt Ma van Keeghan / Mother of Keeghan Hoërskool ekstra wiskunde klasse / High school extra mathematics classes February 7, 2017