Good education

A good education is extremely important in today’s day and age. It will help open multiple doors whereas a lack of education may limit the number of opportunities available. The subject at school that open the most doors is Mathematics. Most tertiary institutions such as universities require a minimum mark in mathematics for most of their courses. Their reasoning is simple – mathematics is a way of proving thinking capability.

At school the ideal choice is to keep doing normal mathematics (not mathematical literacy) and try your best to score an alright to good mark. At university it is important to never give up even though it is difficult. Sometimes we underestimate our brains capability to adapt to difficult subjects. It takes a while but we eventually gets used to it.

Extra Classes

We belief that anyone who needs extra help should get it as soon as possible. We offer help in the form of regular small group classes, preparation classes before tests and exams as well as study resources. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services.


It should be noted that we cannot perform miracles – we will do our best to help. We cannot help much if we only have 1 – 3 weeks before a test or exam. Our recommendation is to avoid falling behind and if it should happen, find help as soon as possible.

Proposed classes

Depending on how behind students or scholars are we will make proposals on the frequency of classes. For those who don’t have a solid foundation we usually propose 2 – 3 hours per week. For those who are up to date and want to stay up to date 1 hour will do. For those who is only focused on improving their marks (for distinction / cum laude) we usually propose one or two classes per month and final preparation classes before tests and exams.

Check out our university extra classes video on the right.

This video provides an overview of what we do and why we do it. We provide our university classes to first year students to help them bridge the gap between school and university academic standards.

The services we provide include regular group classes (usually on a weekly basis) to help students stay up to date with the work as well as revision classes before tests and exams.

Similar academic gaps exists at school level

Similar academic gaps exists in primary and secondary education. The movement from primary school to high school, for example, is challenging for most learners. We recommend that scholars who struggle to adjust to high school academic standards start with extra classes as soon as possible. This will help to avoid them falling behind and the problem becoming worse in future years. A strong Mathematics foundation eases the academic challenges of high school and enables you to develop your Mathematics ability quicker. From grade 10 to grade 12 all learners have to pass either Mathematics of Mathematical Literacy. Learners who struggle with Mathematics in grades 10 and 11 are often tempted to switch to Mathematics Literacy, but such a move closes many doors in terms of tertiary education options. We recommend that learners who struggle with Mathematics in these grades find help in the form of extra classes rather than switching to Mathematical Literacy.

Extra Classes in Stellenbosch – What You Need To Know Classes are available in both Afrikaans and English


You can choose whether you want to have classes on a one-to-one or small group basis

We also provide revision classes before tests and exams

Presented by Classes are presented by post-graduates who did well in the fields and are passionate about teaching

Where Our extra classes is available in Stellenbosch.

Cost (from)
R300 per person per 50 minutes for one-to-one
R170 per person per 50 minutes for small groups of 2 – 5 students
R200 per person per 2 – 3 hours for special revision classes before tests and exams (if 10+ students per class)
Classes are payable monthly or quarterly in advance. 

* Note that the availability of one-on-one classes might be limited as group classes are given priority.

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