Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is explained below.

Extra Classes Stellenbosch is a professional business with the sole purpose of assisting students to attain the academic levels necessary for successfully completing their studies. To achieve this goal we have to implement policies to allow maximum benefits for all parties involved.

Available times of learner

Before monthly payments for extra classes are made the parent should make sure that their child is available on the specified dates and times of classes set out for the relevant month.

Refunds only available when cancelled a week (7 days) in advance

Any cancellation by the learner or parent for a specific class will only be refunded if the cancellation was made at least a week in advance.

Refunds made to learners account

Refunds will not be made in cash, but will be debited on the learner’s account, decreasing the amount due for the next month.

Agreement of specific time slots

Our tutors work on tight schedules and have to be able to plan their classes monthly in advance. For this reason and to set a fixed routine for the learner, we will have to agree to a specific time slot and keep to it.

Cannot accommodate weekly changes to schedule

We understand that sport matches and practice are not always fixed to specific time slots, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate weekly changes to the extra classes schedule. In our opinion, academics should be prioritized above sport, especially when the learner is under achieving.

We do accommodate changes to the schedule if made more than a week (7 days) in advance.