Sometimes we allow users to save by buying more than one product at a time and entering a coupon for the cart or to use a coupon for any product(s). We have decided to write this guide to help you save.

As an example, we decided to give R150 discount when students buy Test 1, Test 3 and Test 3 & Exam video tutorials in October 2015. We made 30 coupons available for this purpose.

The coupon we created is: econexamvideocombo

In order to save students have to put all three video classes for Test 1, Test 2 and Test 3 & Exam in their carts. Thereafter the coupon should be entered and applied.

What a successful cart should look like

Applying Coupon with Combo Products

If your coupon was successfully applied, you should see a coupon discount in your cart total.

Applying Coupon with Combo Products2

Now you can proceed to checkout.

Common reasons why coupons do not work are given below:

  1. All the items required to apply the coupon is not in the cart.
  2. The maximum number of coupons has already been used. We usually limit the number of coupons that may be used.
  3. The coupon has expired – we usually set the time to expiry to be 1 month or less.

If your coupons does not work and you think it is an error on our side, please feel to email as at


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