New Service: Homework sitting

Extra Classes is exited to launch a new homework sitting service for parents of primary scholars. This is an affordable service offered to parents. The goal of the service is to help ensure that primary scholars keep up-to-date with their homework.

Why we are launching the homework sitting service

All parents are (or should be) concerned about the academic development of their children. It is known that children form new habits easier than adults. Getting children in the habit of doing their homework from an early age will help them during the rest of their life.  Parents should therefore try their best to ensure their children form good habits, such as doing homework on a frequent basis, preferably daily.

Busy working life

We recognize that many parents are busy and find it difficult to help their children do their homework during the early afternoon after school. For this reason we decided to launch this homework sitting service.

Safe environment for growth

In choosing homework sitters we will do background checks, academic prestige checks and personal character tests to help ensure that children are in good hands. Our homework sitters should always prioritize the growth of the scholars.

Help your child succeed

Having a strong academic foundation in primary school will help scholars in high school and beyond.


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