During the past five years Extra Classes have helped many students reach success in their studies. We have learned early that giving one or two hours of help classes a week will not necessarily help students perform well. Therefore our focus is not only on helping with academic understanding but also to motivate students. By doing this students also spend more time studying by themselves.

The main form of study motivation is to have a positive attitude towards studies. Some students will automatically have a positive attitude as they enjoy their studies and / or realize that it is a great opportunity. For those students who do not think positively about their studies, you should know that it is possible to create a positive mindset.

Thinking positively is a skill that is very precious. There are multiple studies that point out that positive thoughts increase mental wellness (i.e. brain capacity!). Similar studies have also shown that thinking negatively constrains brain capacity.

We believe that every student should consider their studies as a great opportunity to grow and learn. Students should learn not to waste time but to use it wisely – make every moment count!

After learning the skill of thinking positively, you should learn the skill of focus. This does not come naturally to everyone but can be improved considerably by practice.

Focus involves being present in a moment, e.g. paying attention in a classroom. It can also involve ensuring that the time you spend reading your course notes are fruitful by not getting distracted by your cellphone or friend or anything else.

Prioritizing time and achieving balance between your studies, exercise, family and social life may help you focus. Remember that your studies should be one of your main priorities.

Looking at success stories of people who achieved high goals during their lifetimes may help motivate you. Being motivated may improve your attitude and help you achieve better focus.

You should be aware that the most strategic time to watch / read success stories is a couple of weeks before tests and exams. This leaves enough time to apply the motivation to achieve better results.