The business enterprise has two — and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. ~ Peter Drucker

As the founders of Extra Classes Stellenbosch, we are always looking for expansion opportunities. The opportunities which interest us include building our brand across different educational institutions throughout South Africa. For each of our endeavors we emphasize quality of service before quantity. Once one service area is well established it provides the opportunity for us to expand.

UNISA logo

One of our latest expansion developments include launching online video classes, academic resources and tutoring services (including access to online & offline tutoring groups) to UNISA first year students. We have launched the website to help cater for these . Our long-term strategy is to make UNISA Extra Classes a well known and trusted brand amongst UNISA students throughout South Africa.

Find a Tutor Logo

A second service we recently launched is called Find a Tutor. This website allows tutors to post different tutoring related services (including selling electronic notes). Students can then search the website for tutors in their areas and come in contact with them. We believe this will be a very popular service in the medium to long-term because there is high search volume from students searching for tutors across South Africa.

Extra Classes Franchising Opportunities

Finally we have started thinking of franchising opportunities for area specific Extra Classes businesses. We will charge a once-off fee plus a recurring yearly negotiated fee. In return we will help accepted applicants to set up an area specific website, e.g., give guidance on offline advertising techniques as well as help them get a strong online presence.

Hopefully all our efforts pay off 🙂

Thanks for reading this!

The Extra Classes Team